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kidbiz This site has been developed to enhance the efficiency of Kidz Biz Ed’s communication as well as enable efficient access to information about itself and the personal and social development educational programs and supporting services that it offers. Equally as important, it was developed to establish trust among site visitors, by providing a selection of testimonials from various private and public school teachers and students.

Achieving this was no easy feat!  It was always mindful of you, the user, along every step of the way of the website’s development; ensuring it was user-friendly, contained a simple and straightforward navigation menu, and had easy-to-understand language and even a splash of colour and creativity. Kidz Biz Ed is passionate about the positive impact that quality personal and social development education has on individual students as well as the wider community.  It understands the problems that some schools have with providing its students with education in this area, but it also understands how to fix these problems!

Kidz Biz Ed provides a comprehensive range of programs and outstanding customer service, including consultancy and referral services to teachers, course developers, youth workers, media and other community representatives.  It also provides a research service to diverse stakeholders in South Australia's personal and social development education space.

Kidz Biz Ed hopes you’ll find the information you need, and hopefully, even some pearls of wisdom found throughout this site.

Because good customer service is its top priority, Kidz Biz Ed encourages and appreciates any feedback you may have on content.

But for now, enjoy the journey!


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"My year 6/7 class just completed a 4 week Personal and Social Development course with Kidz Biz Ed.

I would certainly recommend the course and found the content to be informative as well as engaging. Expectations for participating were made clear and students felt comfortable asking questions and being involved in the discussion. The topics covered were particularly relevant and of interest to teenagers and were presented using a PowerPoint display on the interactive whiteboard.

An excellent range of courses offered by an accommodating and professional presenter."

D. Williams, Brighton Primary School

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